Common cold and Cough


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 Common cold, as the name suggests is very common, but for parents and kids it is not something  which is easy to tackle. Let’s learn a few ins and outs of this common problem which troubles all of us alike.

 How does it present ? 

 It usually presents as a cough and runny nose. The cough is often worse at night. Child might be irritable because of the constant nasal and throat irritation.

What are the causes and how does it spread?

  Common cold and cough is caused by viruses- so the first thing which we have to keep in mind is ‘antibiotics’ which are antibacterial medications do not work on cold unless there is a superadded infection by a bacteria, which your child’s pediatrician will be able to diagnose and treat. 

Small Child having a cold ad cough. Common cold is common

   So, how does this spread ?

It spreads through droplets of secretions when a child coughs/sneezes or through common touch surfaces like door knobs, chairs and desks which kids share with each other. 

What is the treatment ?

 Unfortunately, there is no magical cure. It usually runs its course but we can ease the child’s discomfort through some simple home remedies and medications when necessary. 

Offering sips of warm liquids to ease the throat discomfort, keeping your kid hydrated by giving good  amount of liquids – which helps in keeping the airways moist, giving steam inhalation ( only under supervision – with a trusted brand steamer) : these are some of the home remedies which will help the child.

Coming to medications – paracetamol for fever and decongestants for cold and cough :  use under guidance of your paediatrician as some of them have side effects including allergic reactions. 

Coming to prevention – same measures we followed to avoid Covid illness in the past few years apply here – face mask, and hygiene and resting at home till the kid is symptomatics helps in preventing the spread. 

Be safe and healthy 🙂